We believe if a person puts forth the time, effort, and money necessary to create a website (especially if they buy a domain name to go with it), they want that website to be found and viewed. (And who doesn't spend time and effort creating a website?)

We also believe if anyone builds a website without the basic, essential technology for that website to be found and viewed on the Internet, they are either uninformed (i.e., they are the site owner and it's not their business to know those things) or being irresponsible (i.e., they are a hired website developer and it is their job to know those things).

We also believe a site owner should not need to spend their time learning all about the various nuances and intricacies of SEO & other online technologies, when they need to be focusing on their business and/or the purpose of their website and producing the best content for it possible.

In an effort to help the site owner (and the website developer), we created this platform for building and hosting websites that automates and simplifies as much of those online technologies as possible, so they can focus on the things they need to focus on and not have to worry about the things that should just be handled.

Because we believe that essential online technology should be accessible to everyone, not just those with deep pockets.

We help micro business owners get access to essential online technology with a technologically holistic website foundation.